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Kids shoes: for boys and girls

Looking for new kids shoes? At Shoesme, you are at the right place. Shoesme children's shoes are made from premium quality materials. The flexible soles and removable footbeds provide the right support for growing feet. We have children's shoes for all ages from size 18 to 38. We offer baby shoes for the little ones, as well as toddler shoes and kids shoes for older kids and teenagers.

Boys shoes

Boys' shoes from Shoesme look super fun and, more importantly, they are healthy for children's feet. You will find the fastest, hippest, and coolest boys' shoes at Shoesme. From flexible baby sneakers for the tiniest boys to cool sneakers, low shoes or booties for boys who are already going to school. If your son loves to 'do it himself,' then the Shoesme boys' collection offers a wide choice of Velcro shoes, both low and mid-high models. All Shoesme boys' shoes are made of leather or micro-leather, are leather-lined, and feature a removable footbed. This is handy for airing out the boys' shoes after they have been intensively used. On warm days, it is wonderful to wear Shoesme sandals or slippers with bare feet, specially designed for cool boys!

Girl shoes

Girls' shoes from Shoesme are sweet, colorful, cool, and/or super girly. Not only the perfect fit makes Shoesme's girls' shoes so special, but also the fashionable details are meticulously crafted in every collection. Each season, you'll find the cutest elements on all girls' shoes, such as animal prints, stars, shells, and tassels. The combinations of materials, colors, and details are refreshing and innovative. Whether it's girls' sneakers, sandals, slippers, low shoes, girls' boots, cool biker boots or cowboy boots for the winte., Shoesme's girls' shoes are a must have for every girl!